Perfect ETH

Mobile pool added: 40%

Fifty percent of the total of $1,000 trillion has been destroyed


Sponsored by the Overseas ETH Fund
Just to continue ETH POW without consuming energy, as a commemorative version of POW to POS.

Compared to mining, Ethcoin token is optimized and upgraded. You only need to buy ETHER and hold it, and will pay a violent dividend bSC-ETH, which not only solves the problem of high fee of ETH chain, but also solves the problem of energy consumption caused by mining.

Overseas ETH funds have joined ETHER Ethereum tokens and started to snap up hoard mining mode.

ETH COIN Smart Contract:

$ETH COIN has super dividend ETH mechanism, and breaks ETH POW mining mode, so as to achieve the perfect ETH POS mining protocol BSC chain ultra-low commission solution

Automatic reward

What does automatic reward mean?
When you hold ETH COIN, you will get ETH reward continuously. The more you hold ETH COIN, the bigger the reward will be, which means that when you buy ETH COIN, you can not only get wealth brought by ETH COIN, but also get rewards brought by it

What is continuous reflux LP?

  • The meaning of continuous return LP is that some of the taxes generated when users buy or sell will be locked into the working capital pool, which means that the capital pool will become more and more rich, providing security for users' capital and property

A marketing plan

Each project has a marketing plan. What is unusual is that ETH COIN's marketing plan is very large, because ETH COIN has a unique mechanism, so it is bound to be popular with investors! We will work with many communities in China and abroad on future applications and ecological development


The $ETH COIN is a BEP-20 token with a reward mechanism that rewards the holder using a positive rebase formula.

Automatic LP

The 3% transaction fee returns liquidity to ensure that $ETH COIN increases the collateral value.

Automatic reward ETH

6% of each transaction will be used to automatically reward ETH holders, and ETH COIN holders will continuously receive ETH rewards

Destruction and repurchase

One percent will be used for unlimited destruction and one percent will be bought back at the same time. The advantage of this is that users can not only destroy the number of tokens but also stabilize their value when they buy or sell them

Marketing promotion

2% for marketing promotion, in order to let more people know our ETH COIN we will carry out great marketing plan


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